About the project

Despre proiect – Ecluze pe Bega

“Ecluze pe Bega / Conexiuni culturale” is a multidimensional project that aims to create cultural, ecological and economic connections in the region and discusses the resumption of navigability on the Bega on Romanian and Serbian territory and proposes the consolidation of Timisoara as a cultural hub and port in the region. Together with 14 national and international partners, public institutions, NGOs, artists and specialists, a new vision will be proposed for the cultural corridor defined by the Bega Navigable Canal, from the Timișoara Hydroelectric Plant to the bend where it flows into the Tisa from the Titel citadel. The project represents a mix of cultural, educational and extra-cultural activities, which brings together professionals from fields such as arts, architecture, engineering, biodiversity, education or urban planning, with the aim of generating a model for capitalizing, promoting and monitoring the green corridor- blue of the Bega river.