About the team

The project is the product of an association between three entities that belong to different fields of activity, but are united by the same goal, that of bringing together art and science and working alongside a series of artists, architects, engineers, historians, biologists, theorists and volunteers.

The DALA Foundation is an organization active in the independent sector that promotes sustainable local/regional development through cultural projects and social engagement, which has run or is running educational projects in the fields of heritage, architecture, landscape architecture, environment, community development, volunteering, visual arts , multimedia or research projects of local ecosystems in partnership with institutions or NGOs in the country or abroad.

D PROIECT is an architecture office from Timișoara, recognized for the projects of the revalorization of the historical heritage and its relationship with the natural and man-made landscape.

D.arc is a well-known Timișoara brand in the hospitality industry, present for over 20 years both in the area of entertainment and in the promotion of local culture, by organizing several events such as Made in ™ or Typopassage.